About us :

Go-Happy Group is conglomerate of Technical, Innovative and Highly educated professionals making a Holistic Team for creating harmonious results to give Complete Happiness to the Mankind.

Experience of our Team since year 1992 in Marketing and Solutions makes us unparalleled to bring best quality and branded products at most competitive prices.

We, at Go-Happy would try to create a network oflike minded Happy Community Members (HCM), who want to excel in their lives by earning unlimited wealth, as well as have a heart for the deprived people of society and would create happiness for their own families and the world as a whole as rightly said in Ancient Indian Manuscripts: " VasudhaivaKutumbakam.

Vision & MIssion :

We envisage to create an Ecosystem, which will embrace the modelofself- employment to help eradicate unemployment in the country.
To bring harmony in lives of people by bringing to their lives, the best products and Services available in most competitive prices. The mission will be accomplished by extensive market research about needs of our clients and matching them with the best prices available. This will create an Ecosystem of Happy Buyer and Seller.
We see ourselves as the forthcoming successful Start-up Globally, where clients from all over the world would like to get satisfaction by getting good deals and services of high quality at most competitive prices.
To Support the Supporters of the Society, i.e Social Service Network (NGOs etc) across country which will ultimately bring the paradigm shift in the society to make a change is in psyche for helping the Mankind and showing their humanity.
To provide holistic health system to the modern world, where power of ancient healing powers will be

Today, we are seeing a sudden change in the society’s attitude towards other people. In order to preserve motive of helping others, we are supporting the supporters who are working for the animals, Elderly people, Differently Abled, Deprived Community and those NGOs working in this direction

We will really appreciate your little efforts in accomplishing our vision of Self-Reliant India by creating millions of Self-Employed Happy Community Members.